Enabling Women's Participation in the Philippine Public Sphere since 1921​

Founded on February 5, 1921, when more than 300 organizations from across the country, advocating for women’s right to suffrage, gathered at the Manila Hotel, the Club led the Philippines suffragettes campaign to its success in 1937 when 91 percent of registered voters, voted in favor of women’s right to suffrage. We count among our members some of the most prominent Filipino women in history – Josefa Llanes Escoda, Mrs. Aurora Aragon Quezon, Concepcion Felix-Calderon, Purificacion “Pura Kalaw”, Geronima Pecson, and Pilar Hidalgo Lim. 


About Us

The NFWC is the oldest national, non-profit, non-political, civic and voluntary organization in the Philippines, duly recognized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with memberships from across all the regions of the country.

The National Federation is affiliated to three international organizations, namely: the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of America, the Association of Country Women of the World, and the Federation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Associations.

NFWC likewise maintains affiliation with three nationwide organizations in the Philippines: the National Council of Women of the Philippines, the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives, and the Young Women’s Christian Association of the Philippines. 


To be a leading organization for the development, advancement, and empowerment of a unified Filipino women, working towards preserving human dignity in a civilization of peace, justice, goodwill, and understanding.


To provide venue and opportunities to inspire and enable women into becoming women leaders of dignity and resilience, capable amid the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. 







The NFWC historical marker at the Manila Hotel where the organization was founded in 1921.


Doña Aurora Aragon

Spouse of Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon, Doña Aurora is considered as the honorary first president of the National Federation of Women's Clubs of the Philippines

Geronima Tomelden

An educator who was elected the first vice-president of the NFWC, Mrs. Pecson would later on become the first woman Senator of the Republic of the Philippines

Pura Villanueva

The Philippines' first beauty queen, Mrs. Kalaw is also a journalist and was instrumental in pushing for the first suffrage bill to reach the Philippine Assembly


As the National Federation of Women’s Clubs in the Philippines, we work with local chapters and self-organized clubs in order to attain shared objectives that benefit Filipino women and the broader Philippine society.

Strengthen our organizational policies

To realize this objective, we maintain a regulatory system based on agreed standards and practices; we establish a control system in accomplishing result; we increase financial resources; and apply modern methods as well as technology and communications systems.

Strengthen our relationship and values among members and families

To attain this objective, we sustain harmony among and between our members nationwide as well as maintain and deepen our international linkages to bring to the world our advocacies and to mobilize resources for our initiatives.

Promote awareness, advocacy, and development of women's potentials and rights

To accomplish this, we strive to make women knowledgeable and well-informed while tapping into their potentials for progress, promoting women's rights, as well as maintaining and developing leadership potentials of our women members and affiliates.

Our Key Accomplishments

After successfully campaigning and obtaining for Filipino women the right to participate in the country’s democratic electoral exercises, the National Federation of Women’s Clubs of the Philippines embarked on a journey that garnered for our women leaders and affiliates both national and international recognition for the work they have accomplished. 

Affiliation with the General Federation of Women's Clubs

As an international affiliation, this kept clubwomen in the Philippines in a steady update on events taking place in Europe and in the United States before and during the Second World War.

Establishment of the Outstanding Mother Award

The award - established by NFWC President Trinidad Legarda recognized the accomplishments of Filipino mothers.

Pioneering Nursery Classes in the Philippines

The NFWC's nursery classes were highly sought and preferred by parents because of the high quality of education and instruction they provided.

Establishment of Puericulture, Youth Development, and Play Centers

Across the years, the NFWC managed the operations of maternal health centers especially in rural areas while establishing play centers in partnerships with organizations such as the Asia Foundation.

Construction and Establishment of the Escoda Memorial Building

With its own headquarters, the NFWC was able to manage the operations of its national leadership and better provide space for activities and initiatives with provincial chapters.

Sustained Membership from 75 to 100 years

By its 75th year, the NFWC has a record of about 500,000 clubwomen members from around the Philippines.